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Made To Measure Caving Undersuits

JumpSuits offer made to measure undersuits to fit all sizes. They are available in five different high quality fleece types and many colours. Only the finest quality materials are used. There are a range of optional features or we can adapt them to suit your own specifications.


Polarfleece undersuit

Excellent and popular general purpose fleece ideal for most caving trips in the UK. It is excellent value and prices start from £65.

Polartec 100

Polartec 100 undersuit

Offers a slightly warmer, lighter and faster draining fleece than Polarfleece but less thick and warm then Polartec 200. An excellent general purpose fleece and ideal for UK and European caves. Prices from £85.

Polartec 200

Polartec 200 undersuit

Polartec 200 is the thickest fleece we stock and suitable for colder temperatures, wetter caves, waiting around, cave rescue or digging. Prices from £90.


Powerstretch undersuit

Stretchier undersuits allowing more ease of movement and a high warmth to weight ratio. Two weighs available. The heavier weight Powerstretch is exceptionally warm. Prices from £90.

JumpSuits are proud to employ their own tame ‘Field Test Engineer’ who has sneaked into the header above! His job is to attempt to test our suits to destruction. Known simply as ‘The Dig’, some say he spends his life underground, feeding intravenously, digging forever on downwards...

Product Review: "the suit is high quality and i especially like the addition of a higher collar which keeps almost all of your neck cosy, stops your oversuit rubbing against your neck and the suit dries quite fast."