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Caving Oversuits

JumpSuits now stock high quality cordura caving oversuits. These caving oversuits have been thoroughly tested and just like the undersuits, the oversuits have some clever solutions to solve some of the problems experienced with other oversuits.


Information coming soon!

Colours and sizing

Oversuits design

All oversuits are red with black patches. Available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL - exact dimensions supplied on request.


Information coming soon!


Caving oversuit £95
Post and packing £12

JumpSuits are proud to employ their own tame ‘Field Test Engineer’ who has sneaked into the header above! His job is to attempt to test our suits to destruction. Known simply as ‘The Dig’, some say he spends his life underground, feeding intravenously, digging forever on downwards...

Product Review: "I have used the Powerstretch lightweight undersuit for 5 months now and cannot fault it. The workmanship and design is excellent and it fits ideally. I have used it for both sports caving and digging and it has kept me nicely warm throughout."